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I Freaking Love #Adele, you cant tell me she's not beautiful big or small.  Her "Soul" is tremendous,and that shines through so much more than then her own natural beauty.  It's almost intimidating (Cause I know Gurl!)..Lol but seriously she is the "Bees Knees" now you know, you bomb when you got me flipping back to 50's slang.  But its just that familiar sound we lack, that crisp un-mastered un touched raw talent.. Flaws and all just raw emotion, voice, feeling and understading.  Every word she says whether you've said or not you've felt them one way or another.  "I hate too turn up out the blue un-invited". "I couldnt stay away, I couldn't fight me".-Some One Like You".  I feel you on that, its about coming to your own closure.  So many females end up ruining themselves from one guy to the next, talking about how they never got closure. 

Ask yourself this ladies and gentleman! What is closure? Well its the "act of closing", like a house in "ForeClosure" for ex. or the "state of being closed" for ex. a "Business". BUT!! (Yes this is a Big BUT!) More importantly means a "bringing to an end; conclusion. "End" and "Conclusion" being the two keywords that stick out to me. First off if you havent came to a "Conclusion" on as to why it has come to an "End" then its time to move on. Because "Confusion" is not what that is.. Being "Confused" is not hot!.. Go into the rest of this "New Year" building your "Equanimity".  Which is being in the midst of confusion and being at peace, within yourself. Ebonically speaking, not allowing not just other people but chaos amongst things mess up your day, yo mood.  Mess up yo 15 minute break! Ruin your 30 minute lunch! Burn out yo scalp! #ImJustSaying.  But back to the song. 

It re-affirms how I feel about love, that I'm capable of being in, out and in the midst of it. Without feeling as though I have to feel one way or the other about it, I just want to be in something when I'm in it.  But when I'm out of it, it doesnt affect me as it would others.  I'm okay with not being in love right now because I am "Love".  Amongst all the hate others show me, " I am Love".  I forgive those that trespass against me, just as I ask for forgiveness for those who trespass against me & for those I tresspass against.  God made that prayer for people just like me, im not perfect. 

Im not about to blatantly call somebody out on there flaws and try to figure them out.  Trying to come to a conclusion as to why, were not together anymore.. Well not anymore anyways, more then a day of that is wasted time (Try a year!)  But its your fault, the other person, is okay with leaving things right where they are.  Nowhere.  So adapt to feeling that way to.  The "Dopamine" will eventually(Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain's reward and pleasure centers. Dopamine also helps regulate movement and emotional responses, and it enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move toward them.) So in a sense in relation to this song, everything we went through "Good" & "Bad" was beautiful looking back on it; I've found my closure, in just being the person I was meant to be.Thank You, Adele for the inspiring words.. I know this song probably means something different & special to everyone who listens to it.  But that song clears up so much confusion and its a nice transition into being okay with moving on..Thank you again #Have a #MobettaDay Much Love