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Allen Iverson and his wife Tawanna.  If you gone be together, be together. Damn! This is getting quite ridiculous! I mean, this is the umpteenth time in 5 years they been heading for divorce.  Im not even one of A.I.'s groupies and the suspense of it actually going through or not bothers me.  The fact that anyone took the time to report about it initially for me to know, has been wasted.  I dont even see why people call its "News" theres nothing new about them always about to or getting a divorce.  I can see them keeping this up for another 30 years. Groupies, Hoes and boppas BEWARE!! Dont let this man sell you no damn dream.. He aint bout to divorce this woman! You wanna know why Im not even certain but Im fasho that they aint got no prenupt..

If he had one this would of been nipped in the bud.. Believe me and out of all the reports I've read in the past 5 years, there was no mention of one so I only assume by a process of elimation and the end result each time, its "Cheaper too keep her". Im just saying .. I dont even know how many kids they have now they were up 3-4 5 years ago and seems like the only time they are happy together is when she got another one on the way, so I wonder how many of em he gone put up in her before the next divorce debacle.... Whats your guess?