#Jayz upset over @Rihanna #CBrown Duet

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So Rihanna and Chris Brown just completed a duet for her upcoming remix of "Birthday Cake" a few weeks ago un-beknownst to Manager Jay-Z.  He is in an Uproar right now and its causing turmoil between the two and another partner of Jay's Management team "Jay Brown" who set the whole duet to begin with, against Jay-Z's Will.  So now Jay is reportedly headed to the city of Los Angeles to have a much needed to Discussion with his Roc Nation partners on the next step.  My thing is who cares, I know its an "Image" thing, but whats done is done.  If she wants to record with Chris Brown so be it atleast there not "Together" or atleast thats what they would both lead us to believe.. So if thats the Fallicy and Fairtale they want to sell us right now, then why not? Its there lives...
The song is alright, im still trying to feel it out.. Check it out Below..