Hundreds Killed in #Syrian Massacre

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They say people were killed in there homes by the Syrian Army and shot down in the street.  Then the people who tried to help those who were injured also were shot down and killed.  This was a massacre by these peoples on Government.  I'm amazed at how any Leader can allow this to happen to there people..I'm so disgusted with what happened to these Beings I could cuss.. Something has to change...SMDH... Read More Below

Syrian security forces have killed more than 200 people in the city of Homs, opposition groups claimed on Saturday. The killings occurred on the thirtieth anniversary of the Hama massacre which left thousands killed.
The opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) said at least 260 civilians were killed over the past day after government forces bombarded the city. However, Syrian state-run media denied the accusations, saying the reports were part of a media campaign to cover "the crimes and aggressions of the armed terrorist groups in Syria."

"During the attack, residential buildings and homes were randomly and heavily bombed," the SNC said. An activist identified as Danny said the assault on Homs started after a few dozen members of the Syrian army defected and fled to a part of the city.
"The civilians went down to welcome (the defectors) to thank them for their bravery," Danny said, as quoted by CNN. "When the army found out, it started randomly bombarding with tank shells, mortar bombs. It's like they're killing animals."

For its part, the Syrian Arab News Agency (SABA) said the reports were part of "the ongoing distortion, falsification and instigation media campaigns by some satellite channels." "Such campaigns are viewed by many observers and analysts as a sinister bid to negatively affect the ongoing UN Security Council discussions about Syria," it added.
U.S. President Barack Obama condemned the "brutal killings" and urged the international community to protect the Syrian people. "Thirty years after his father massacred tens of thousands of innocent Syrian men, women, and children in Hama, Bashar al-Assad has demonstrated a similar disdain for human life and dignity," Obama said.
"Assad must Assad must halt his campaign of killing and crimes against his own people now," he added in a statement released by the White House. "He must step aside and allow a democratic transition to proceed immediately." Click to read more

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague also condemned the violence, adding that he was "horrified" at the reports. "I condemn unequivocally the use of tanks, mortars and artillery in civilian areas," he said in a statement. "It is all the more chilling that these events occurred on the thirtieth anniversary of the Hama massacre, in which it is estimated that 20,000 people were killed."
The UN Security Council on Saturday voted on a draft resolution to end the situation in Syria, where thousands of people have been killed over the past 10 months in a government crackdown against a popular uprising. The resolution called for an immediate cessation of violence by all parties and progress towards national dialogue that leads to a peaceful political resolution of the crisis.