?Do Blacks Feel Disconnected from #Occupy Movement

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The fact that lower to middle class white folks just now catching on to the fact that they are also being screwed  financially but in-equality is open to everybody in America not only black folks.  The reason you dont see many of us out there, is because we've been fighting the 99% against all odds and found ways around even thinking about them. 
I wish we could all collectively and peacefully come up with a way to solve the issue thats plagued this country for the last couple of Centuries and that how can we build a functioning  society thats based on everyones success;  We can but it takes us a whole to be on one page and that would take us all allowing them to take away the liberties and being bunched in as a collective. 

I enjoy knowing my financial fate and my life is in my hands and that I have the opportunity to reach for the stars and get more if I take it.  I would like to put myself in the position to where im able to assist others in seeing that as well, through programs that help put them in a better position, to do better. It would all start with there effort and....Read More Below
what that individual wants to accomplish.  I cant make you want more or better for yourself, that want starts with yourself; Your going to have to want it for yourself. 

Do you know what happens to a people thats a war with themselves, Chaos and that gives the Government the right to intrude and apply Martial Law (Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—(usually) only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively) .  Which they have been doing in so many ways in alot of these #Occupy Wallstreet Movements.  There just waiting for dat chance though.

For the past few months the Occupy Movement has been compelling attention for its daring protests across the country, but it has also been receiving notice for the comparative lack of participation from the African-American community. Why has there been such a disconnect? Some are saying it’s because wealth inequality for Blacks has been an issue for years.

On the West Coast, for African-Americans, the response to the Occupy movement is, “Where have you been all this time when we’ve been in crisis?” according to James Taylor, associate professor of political science at the University of San Francisco. Blacks have been feeling pain all along. The fact that a general movement that seeks an alliance with Blacks has only now sprung up undermines that movement’s sincerity and even legitimacy to many minorities.

This view is also shared by some Oakland, Calif., activists like Charlene Adams. Adams and other parents at her child’s school sympathize with the core premise of the Occupy Movement — that the American dream is disappearing because of the nation’s wealth inequality. But they feel that the problem has been a part of West Oakland residents’ lives for as long as they can remember. They believe that few of their Bay Area neighborhoods, who have come to set up temporary tents down the streets from their predominately Black neighborhood, next to the downtown skyscrapers, really feel the impact of the inequality.

"Why don't people come out here and Occupy about the violence in our neighborhood?" Adams told a local San Francisco paper. The 44-year-old mother is not only a project manager at a substance-abuse clinic, but every Saturday she stands on street corners with other members of her church to hold signs asking people to “Stop the Violence.”

Could there be a solution to bridge the gap?

Others believe that there could be less of a disconnect between Blacks and Occupiers if the movement addressed issues that affect a majority of Blacks.

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