Zahia Dehar Makes Me Cream Wow!

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                                     Zahia Dehar Makes me Cream ( #NoHomo) 
OMG!! I'm so not Gay but I can appreciate a beautiful woman and this Zahia Dehar is just that.  Now I have to give you a little background on her.  She's an Ex-French Prostitute  from Algeria who lived most of her life in France. She's all the rave in Europe because of the 2010 scandal she caused for being an underaged prostitute.  3 French FootBall (Soccer) Players are being indicted for sleeping with her. She was in her teens when she started Prostituting. Click to read more

                                                             Zahia @ 15 Years old
Now 19 year old Zahi Dehar is launching her own Lingerie Line thanks to our good pal Karl LagerField.  I checked out her official website and seen her pics and videos she's done thus far promoting herself and her line and I can say Im thoroughly impressed.  I wouldnt be surprised if she wasn't one of the next "Bond Girl".  She's is an international star and lets just say she's caught my attention.  Check out the video she did title "Bionic" and I promise, you wont be dissappointed.

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