Weezy's Sports Corner-@LilTunechi

Lil Wayne is a fool he's been doing this for quite a while now posting an online sports video blog expressing his opinions on sports Boxing, NFL, NBA he even goes as far in video 2 to calling NBA Star Derrick Rose on speaker phone for questioning.  Love It Weezys so genuine only he could pull this off as well as he does.  Its kind of awkward watching it at first cause your like is this really Lil Wayne because he's so candid.  But after a few strained eyed movements you slowly start to see the tattoos covering his arms and face and hearing the true New Orleans Sway in his voice and cant help but to accept its your boy @LilTunechi

@LilTunechi weights in on the recent games as of 1/08/2012
Checkout what he has to say comment below. 
Weezy's Sports Corner 1/08/12

(@LilTunechi on w/NBA Star Derrick Rose)