@TCash_SHM "Welcome 2 Da #SwaggHouse

                            T.CashWelcomes You to The #SwaggHouse

If your wondering or dont know who T Dot Cash or #SwaggHouseMuzik is question you should be asking yourself is, who are you? He's N.D.A. Certified & a #SwaggHouse Boss & Representer,TeamWork makes tha DreamWork! With over 1,000,000+ views on  videos he & countless others have posted of #SwaggHouse alone. T.Cash has a flair for showcasing his "Talent" with melodic lyrics,flows and beats which in return compliment his immense "Swagg" he's now come to being known for in and outside of Texas. He's constantly showing Dallas,TX what can be made possible through an abundance of hard work & determinati.....
on. He's endlessly giving not only the nuccas something to jam out to but the ladies something to perculate on the pole or in the club to. With hits such as "I Dont Play" "Spread ya  Legs",Thats my bitch ft. Deonte',
Lil Man ft. T. Cash- Big Bootie &Where dem hatas at ft. Big Chief; Just like anything that Magnificent it takes Hustle &Swagg and at the speed the SwaggHouse is going now its just a matter of time before T.Cash has ya lady spreading her legs & you holla'n out I Dont Play!! Thats my Bitch!!...lol Check out the videos Below. Find em on Twitter @TCash_SHM Currently on Tour with the rest of the SwaggHouse Crew @214KingKong @MelloThoed @AnonymousYDC @MoneyMook_NDA Check Back for Feat. on the rest of the #SwaggHouse #NoRecessMovement                                 
                                  (Mr.I Dont Play @TCash_SHM Welcome 2da SwaggHouse)

T.Cash Spread Ya Legs Video (Official)
             Lil Man ft. T. Cash- Big Bootie (Official Video)

01/09/2012-Beyond -Headed to a City Near You (Hit em up and ask the SwaggHouse to fall through)
01/07/2012-Little Rock,AR
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