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Never-Before-Seen Footage Of Kanye Presenting "Big Brother"       To Jay-Z For The First Time! (VIDEO)
I love seeing videos where emotion and forethought plays into history being made.  You can visibly see how touched JayZ is after he hears the verse Kanye West played for him and the genuiness of there friendship.  I dont think not once you've heard of them beefing on or off stage behind the scenes or on tour and thats because they both share a mutual respect and love for one another that only brothers can share.  Theres so many backwards ass people out here now adays and the same thing you witnessed between the both of them not alot of people can do and thats work together into building an empire or a legacy built of of mutual respect.  To many people are worried about what they can get or how can they benefit off of other people for right now instead of building those relationships on a solid foundation so that it can withstand any impact in the long run.  Here you see one of the great building blocks to there friendship..Love It!!
Kanye's big brother was B.I.G's brother, used to be Dame and B.I.G's brother.
Kanye's dedication to his big brother Jay-Z on his album Graduation, "Big Brother" is probably one of Kanye's most honest and heartfelt songs to date.
#Road2KoTF Episode 4 Ft.Jayz & Kanye
One of the many hidden gems Kanye West introduced us to over his decade long career is his cousin, singer/songwriter Tony Williams. The man who’s voice we’ve heard on many classics the past 10 years is set to drop his debut album, King or The Fool, on February 14th (Valentine’s Day).
Leading up to the release, the G.O.O.D. Music affiliate has been releasing behind-the-scenes vlogs chronicling his career up to this point. In episode four of #Road2KoTF, we catch footage during Kanye’s Graduation sessions, in which he played the outro cut “Big Brother” to Jay-Z for the first-time. Thanks to The Source.
Illuminati Files: Blue Ivy Carter & Illuminati Theories
All the behind the scenes action of Kanye and Jay-Z kicks off around 2:30. Take a look at Jay and 'Ye bonding in the studio above!