Mya-Love isn't the Answer

MYA-Love Isn't The Answer....

Love is the answer in many situations but in the case it was not, this song came out sometime last year and for some odd reason or another I hadn't heard about it til now; Not that the timing had anything with me still not liking it and I like some crazy sh*t, I'lle jam out to Papa Roach or some Johann Sebastian Bach before I hit Play to have to even have to rewind this song ever again.  In my mind I keep telling myself maybe I should of  just listened to the song first without seeing the video but theres no way to erase the atrocity of images out of my head long enough to consider the thought of going back & doing it the way I figure in my mind.  I liked the title of the single agreeing sole heartedly with the message but what pegged me was the images that were displayed to re-iterate her idea of Love being the answer, I watched the whole video only to be frustrated as to wtf! any of this had to do with what she was saying.  She pulls up in a Maybach acting all mysterious calling who I can only assume was Cedric Gervais (Music Producer) and talking too him for a half a second as though there was some big secret they shared ending a call with a no destination see you there type tone; I admit it had me anxious as to what was going to transpire next. 

After that scene the video completely went left field with images of Mya walking around with random people , not doing a damn thing , dancing & attempting to look cute.  I dont even believe she had a leading man in the video if she did he wasn't that apparent.  I started the video with the thought of being entertained knowing I love me some Mya (Back In Da Gap Mya Ex. Case of the Ex & Its all about me, Cant really think of anything else of hers I'd jam) hoping I could end the video pointing out why anybody as a true Mya Fan (Wanting to see her get back on top) would want to see or listen to this.  But I'm not going to even attempt to force myself into trying.  Its not many things I walk away from but in this case I'm putting on my Tennis shoes and running like Gabourey Sidibe to some PopEyes chicken as fast as I fuxn can, cause atleast I Love Dat Chicken from Popeyes so its the answer to my hunger #FacedAss .

#2Through wit even talking about, o yea #NoH8 (I guess that sign was suppose encourange people no too but yea I H8 this song not you Mya just this song , just not the concept behind the video that apparently Stevie Wonder Produced it killed an already struggling song)  Let me re-iterate for yawll Mya Stans I love Mya! Love Her! I'd just like if someone take this song out back, strangle, shoot it then burn it & bury it for good measure. It might of been done already seeing as if no one I know has even heard it and damnit if I dont know voodoo and dug this shit back up  but I couldn't go to bed tonite disturbed with what I just without witnessed sharing it.
                                                                Mya-Love Is The Answer