@Ciara TD in Indianapolis

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I dont know what Ciara must of been thinking being surrounded by all that meat, I'd probably would of lost my damn mind and went up and down the field like a "Fat quadriplegic in Heat without a wheelchair", rolling my big azz up and down that field talking to every "Body" I seen...Lol emphasis on Body.. Hmmm. Well anyways CiCi you go girl! I didnt know you was into football I'd always known people imply football is in to you or the players that is. It was rumored just this pass November she was dating Cam Newton American football quarterback for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. Hmmm.. Just dont get caught up with one of the NFL Wives or Girlfriends if there anything like the NBA Wives then I wouldn't want a part of that crazyness.. #UkeepDat