@AliciaKeys Hawaii or #Bust

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Alicia Keys & Baby Boy Egypt in Hawaii

I guess after that whole Swizz Beatz scandal with MegaUpload.Com Broke with her husband being at the helm of it all, getting caught up being the CEO (Follow link For original story)http://lastbiatchstanding.blogspot.com/2012/01/therealswizzz-beatz-on-da-run.html).  I guess they say, "The further away they go out the public eye the less stress they have to deal with."  It really doesnt take away from the fact Swizz has a Federal Case being built up against him, but atleast they can enjoy themselves til he actually has to deal with the situation at hand. I dont know about you but I'd be down at that Federal Office everyday trying to see who ass I need to lick to get out of that, but then again I dont have Swizz and Alicia Keys money...Yet! So they pay people to worry bout day apparently to be smiling & sha-grinning this damn hard.

Music Producer Swizz Beatz & Baby Boy Egypt
Look at Swizz with his #RichAzz I aint hating.  Shake em off boo.. Let me get some of that MegaUpload.Com Fortune you got going and I'll turn my head to #FacedAss.. Im just wanna #Win to. Ha! Im just saying you know if he was anybody else they would of been stomped a mud duck hole in em; Paraded him around while they hung em out to dry.  Again I aint hating just peeping game, please believe me I'm not far behind you. Just taking notes...