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porsha williams 
Porsha Williams of The Atlanta Housewives collapsed at a Mall today in Atlanta after a day of shopping inside.  Sources are reporting the star had difficulty breathing, before being seen falling to the ground in the Parking lot. Several witnesses called 911 to aid the star whom was slightly unconscious and in duress.  Atlanta's Fire & Rescue came on the scene and transported Williams to Piedmont Hospital for observation and further test to determine her illness.

 This isn't the first time Porsha has collapsed in public, earlier this year she fainted and collapsed on a flight from Atlanta to Miami and luckily a Doctor was aboard the plain and was able to supply her with a sugar pill as her Blood pressure had dropped.  Source's tell TMZ her collapse today could have a lot to do with that fact that Porsha has not been eating enough.

  I would say that, I don't understand how one person can go through the same thing without learning their lesson, but then this is Porsha Williams were talking about.  She's a bit slow and is a glutton for punishment and in my opinion an attention whore, who has no limit as to what she'll do to gain that attention.   As of now Porsha has been radio silent on her social media accounts, as she should be.  The last thing she should be doing is posting.  It's best she takes this time to get herself together and put her priorities together.

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