Woman Shoots up Gas Station in Detroit?!


 A woman was arrested two hours after being caught on high-definition surveillance opening fire on a driver at a gas station in Detroit. The high definition video shows the woman going to the Charger and retrieving a semi-automatic handgun from the glove compartment. At that point, her friends tried to hold her back but she ran to the Grand Prix, opened fire and wounded the driver. One of the men in the Grand Prix was able to take the gun away from her before both vehicles fled the scene. The victim suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Posted By Persist  -Source
I'm more upset about her choice of attire.  She's giving me moderate hoochie hood cowgirl with a twist of Africa, with the Conroe pig tails and get up.  Like seriously you pull a gun from your draws you fashioned into a holster, how ratchet does one have to actually be in order to pull this travesty off. I'm glad they caught her and gave her a seat to sit down in. SMDH