Teen Arrested for Threats to Donald Trump..

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has one less person gunning for his life thanks to an arrest of another person who's threatened in the past few weeks.  I'm all for people not liking a person, the moment you threaten there life then you've take it a step to far.  Now you have a young man who of course regardless of his age this will still be apart of his record.  How many good jobs are you going to get with that on it. SMDH

On Friday, Meriwether County Sheriff Chuck Smith said that police had arrested a 15-year-old Georgia boy accused of using social media to make death threats against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.
According to the Associated Press, Smith said the boy was charged with terroristic threats and acts. The threat was initially reported to the FBI Hotline.
Earlier this week, a 16-year-old in Troup County, Georgia, was arrested following similar accusations.
The teens’ names and content of their threats have not been made public.

Hillary is somewhere chuckling.