Kris Jenner Throws Rob B-Day Party..

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 Kris Jenner With North & Rob Kardashian
 North West & Kim Kardashian
 North & Mason Dissick
 Kim K, Scott Dissick, Rob & Kanye
 I don't know how Tyga ended up at this party (that's clearly his hand/arm that's tattooed next to Robs... but if it didn't bother Rob then I guess its cool.  I just find it awkward.

Blac Chyna didn't bother coming, she was out and about doing her own thing.  I guess she wanted to give him some time to his family more then likely she encouraged it.  Seems like she's helped Rob turn over a new leaf.

Khloe is noticeably absent from the photo's.  That's cause she couldn't make it cause "She was under the weather".  Yea unn huh ok.