Meek Mill Bows to Defeat, Deletes "I Wanna Know"


Rapper Meek Mill has bowed out of the Beef with Hip Hop's Prince Drizzy Drake.  Meek started by removing his unintelligible miss "I Wanna Know".  
He had Posted the message above on Instagram then later deleted it, but not before being screen captured by some of his followers.   
 This is a lesson if anything of picking on someone your own size.  It'd been cool trying to come for an unknown rapper before you came for Drake, its just like you said "Levels to this". 
I'm glad he finally came to his sense's and let this go, because all he was doing was adding to his own demise.  No one could understand where he was coming from, it was so out of the blue it was annoying to think about.
I've shared my thoughts what are some of yawls?