Drake, Kanye and Will Smith Caught Rip'n on Meek Mills Behind Stage

                    Drake, Kanye & Will Smith laughing At Meek Mill... by sonkengmboukengherv

Meek just cant win, his own hometown hero shared a laugh at his expense with Drake and Kanye backstage at the OVO Fest in Canada.  Will wants it to be perfectly clear not all Brotha's from Philly not Super Whack.  You'd think in the scale of who's harder Meek would come before Will considering he's new school;  Yet old school heads prevail.  Whatever it was they were looking at had to been die hard funny wished I knew. 

Drake also poked fun of Meek while performing the Diss "Back to Back" on stage at OVO Fest behind images of meme's of Meek Mills and Nicki Minaj.  This was a serious comedy fest of laughter, I'm certain they enjoyed.  It's moments like these that make me wish I was there.  Why cant I be?  Wish I could start me a go fund me so I can quit my job and travel and report on the scene on events of this nature.  

Meek go find a rock and lay under it, Nicki would join you cept her ass wouldn't fit.