Meek Mill Boo'd in Toronto #PinkPrintConcert #6godCursedem

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        #PinkPrintTour Is in Drake's Home Turf

     (Fan's Wore Shirt's to The Concert Meek Was Performing In)

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It's funny to me, because up until this negroe started dating Nicki Minaj nobody was paying him any attention.  He's trying to piggy back off something no one is even sure of.  Have you seen that Music Video with Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown?  They couldn't act they love out of a paper bag..


Meek Mill Feat. Nicki Minaj & Chris Brown... by isakrasniqi62

So Nicki's Already starting to see the fruits of Mill's Labors over the past week. The start of the Pink Print Tour ft Her Man Meek begun with Boo's and Jeers with the mention of his name.  As you can see from the pics of the shirts at the top a lot of people came prepared to hate.. 
Who knows if Meek will actually take stage.. I bet he wont and if he does they gone boo him all through his set.  He bet not get on stage talking that F&*c Drake Stuff tonight or that's his asss.. #TorontoTurnUp  #MeekMill #Drizzy #Legend  Mobeezy