Tyga YMCMB Is Holding Him Back

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YMCMB Hip Hop Artist Tyga has been making headlines with his undoubtedly inappropriate relationship with Kim Kardashian Younger sister Kylie.  Apparently her parents don't care so why should I.  Hence why I hadn't posted about it.  He added fuel to the headline fire by recently posting on his twitter +Tyga  that he wouldn't be with YM much longer.. Check out the tweets..

His surprise announcement came after he used his Twitter account to accuse his label of holding him hostage, claiming…

I Pray God and his Angels watch over Tyga and his family,simply because this industry is the devils playground.  Wayne & Baby have got to be the evilest mother truckers in the world.  Have you seen that Wayne "Krazy" video, I don't know wtf he's talking about.  They holding him hostage musically and that's messed up.