#SOS ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Satanic Ritual

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If you were stupid enough to do it then I'd say find your nearest church and get baptized all over again.  Because you've opened up a flood gate of spiritual attacks in your life.. God knows we all are already fighting to make It through life.  Then you throw in the fact you've unknowingly made a pact with the devil, now that's jus devastating.  Read the article after the break.

An online writer has deemed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a satanic ritual which has consumed Americans. Selena Owens could not understand the concept of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge nor the reason anyone would willingly dump a bucket of ice water on themselves. In efforts of understanding the whole phenomenon the writer said she began to research the challenge in hopes of making sense of it. After her investigation she determined the Ice Bucket Challenge is not just a lighthearted attempt to understand a debilitating disease; unbeknownst to many participants it is actually a satanic ritual.

Owens said she feels like there are other ways to bring attention to ALS, more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease, that are not as extreme or sensationalized as a bucket of water such as educating people. The intriguing aspect of the challenge, according to Owens, was the way social media became saturated with videos of celebrities, athletes, politicians and a host of others around the globe.
The writer said she starting thinking about the challenge and wanted to know whose idea it was and why people were so eager to participate. For those who chose to participate, Owens wanted to know why they felt obligated to call out others and why they would even agree to be drenched in ice-cold water in the first place.
Owens explained the evidence that disturbed her most, and best supported her theory that this is really a satanic ritual, is the story behind Corey Griffin’s death. Griffin, who co-founded the challenge, died last month after he jumped from a building and drowned.
Owens said he then floated to the surface, sank and did not resurface. Not only was she confused why he would take such a risk, but what would possess him to do so in the middle of the night? She also thought it was strange that this tragedy took place the same night he helped raise $100,000 for ALS research.
The writer’s continued research led her to a video “exposing” a number of cultic and cryptic messages hidden in the Ice Bucket Challenge ritual.
On the video a “self-described” evangelist named Anita Fuentes says the ritual is supposedly cleansing America in the name of the Anti-Christ Lucifer Satan for a future occurrence.
One of the reasons Fuentes suggests this popular fad is a satanic ritual is relative to Oprah Winfrey’s rendition of the challenge.

Oprah, who the writer references as the cultic queen of talk, proclaims the words, “In the name of ALS and the Ice Bucket Challenge” prior to receiving the down pour of ice-cold water. This was disturbing to the writer and evangelist because