Ghetto Twins "Responsibility" #FlashBackFriday

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OMG! The Ghetto Twins "Responsibility" when it hit the world it blew up.  You couldn't watch BET anytime of the day without this song not coming on.  Simply because it had a very strong message about being in abusive relationships and not one time do they cuss in this song.  I did a lot of cuissing when I first listened to it cause in my mind that's what I was saying I guess.  I listened to it back and forth. 

There just that smooth on the beat and killer with them words.  They'd had you thinking they cussed you out how they be ripping.  On the cool listen to it.  I kid you not!  I'm on a journey and finding out how they've been, I've been wanting to let them know that they taught me a very valuable lesson at a young age.  "Cause the first thing you must do is stay true, depending on a man leave you stuck like glue!" #WhaaaatGetEm  OMG. 

I remember me and my sister Ray Ray going back and forth singing this song.  We use to collect lyrics and learn them back and forth, back in the day.  Now we don't know wtf we singing.  I was listening to that "Or Nahh" song with R.Kelly , I guess the explicit version and when I heard what the other option was other than no,  I said Hell Nahhh! WTF! Maybe once upon boppa, but that was many, many, many moons ago.  It's hard for a man I just gave my number to off the street to want him to come over my house all Nilly Willy.  No I just met you!  I'm not gonna murder you, or anything.  Said Charles Manson.

Back to the Ghetto Twins,  yes  I still love this song.  They had countless other hits, this just the one


Now if you just listened to "Sho No Luv" I didn't say they aint ever cussed. I just said they didn't cuss in Responsibility".  Sho No Luv is Gangsta all the way,  I'm not even quite sure what they say I'm going to have to look up the lyrics,  all  I know what I did hear when I was youger had me and my Sister's bumping through South Dallas going up there to the Carwash.  Washing my Sister Purple Accent Honda jamming while she used us as child laborers. 
We were happy to do it though, anything to get out the house, she was 16 just got her car and her license and she wants to bring us along sure.  Well really she didn't have a choice she was the baby sitter. 

Everybody has had the roll of babysitter in the house hold except my youngest oldest if that makes any sense.  Just know I've been an aunt since  I was 5 Years old.  Hey the song Responsibility came out to late, about 7 years to late. 

Yea Ghetto Twins brings me back to Shopping at Big T for back to school clothes.  We use to get the colorful dickie's overalls be patches of different bright colors, the big Taz Mania or Bugs Bunny Sweaters that had different foot ball teams on them. 

 We just went and got accessories at Big T, just fun stuff to run around in.  My Mama loved taking us Dillard, Macy's and Sears and got great credit at all them stores still til this day.  I love going shopping with my mama she has great taste.   I'm just the baby of the family so genuinely I went with whatever my sister's liked at that time.