Anthony Anderson is Blackish

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I love this show!! I haven't not laughed watching an episode of this show and they're only on the 3rd one.  Anthony Anderson is an Advertising VP and his wife played by Tracee Ellis Ross is an ER Doctor with 4 great kids living in America's Suburbia.

I love that they touch every end of the spectrum of a black person.  He touches it subject with only a precise humor he can deliver.  I've seen Anthony Anderson grow as an actor;  Every time I see him, I start singing the "City Guys" Theme song.  I loved that show, me and my sister Ray Ray use to wake up every Saturday morning and watch it. 

I love the youngest ones on the show they seem to be the one's with the most sense in a humorous kind of way.  Especially the youngest girl with the glasses she's such a good little actress.  They all have  a great chemistry on screen and I'm looking forward to another season already and there not even close to done on the 1st.  

The fact that Anthony has been married to his Lovely wife Alvina Stewart 19 almost 20 years is a plus in him portraying such a family man role.  I enjoy wandering to myself is he just as funny or silly at home.  I'm curious to find out if he puts a bit of who he's genuinely in the mix. I hope to one day ask him myself..  Hey a girl can dream.

                                  Wife Alvina, Anthony Anderson & Mother Anderson

                                I love seeing them together, now that's Love... ahh

                           Anthony Anderson and his Beautiful Family on the Red Carpet