Say What?! Mariah Blames Kim K for Her Divorce!

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I thought that Tattoo was ugly as hell before they got Married and Had dem babies (no pun)...


I thought she was Crazy for Marrying Nick Cannon, til I realized years ago it was the other way around.  Mariah is a fool if she think Kim Kardashian had anything to do with her Marriage hitting the Rocks. 

 From what I here she kept Nick waiting til they were married before they had any sex, he should of known something wasn't right then. Like the industry has been in you, I mean you've been in the industry to long to play innocent.  But hey I mean it worked that Rang on your Fanga Didn't it? Hmmm (takes mental note)

 In her mind she thought that would be what kept him in the end.  Celeb's are known to have inflated ego's, which lead to an Acute Narcissistic behavior.  I mean who wouldn't when you have actual people who worship you, I suppose.

  I don't need anyone making an alter for me.  A mansion will do, I'm saying don't worship me, just pay me and take care of me.  You don't even got to talk to me. Okay!

As for Kim K she's a known for being a Hoe, she aint no Home Wrecking Hoe @Mariah..  So just remember that Honey Boo Boo Child.;  I don't even like Kim Like that...

via Dish Nashion
Nick Cannon’s renewed contact with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian was the last straw for Mariah Carey—and now the Grammy winning diva is pulling the plug on their six year marriage.
The couple’s problems not so coincidentally began in March, when Nick, 33, blabbed in a radio interview that he’d bedded Kim years ago.  “Mariah loathes Kim,” an insider told Dish Nation.
“Mariah will never admit it, but she’s jealous of Kim because Nick has always raved that she was his best lover and she had the best body of any woman he’s ever been with.”
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