Nick Cannon To Put AmberRose on TV

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Leave it to Nick Cannon the Black Ryan Seacrest to turn a Hoe into a TV star.  I mean, I like Amber Rose I don't have to care about her and vice versa.  Same thing goes for every and anybody I talk about on my page.

  But I'm curious what could that interesting in her life that I'm going to be sucked into her world.  I love that she was a Fashion Icon, she could become as relevant as she was when she was with Kanye again. 

Who knows I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop.  Its like ok when are you going to start amusing me again.  BTW I'm happy for you and Wiz and your family.  I wish you nothing but the best and I'm looking forward to the hype.

As of two hours ago you can now find articles referencing the fact that she's the reason for the divorce and Mariah's mad and Wiz Khalifas Jealous. It was just the other day they were saying it was Kim K's Fault;  I doubt Wiz and Amber beefing I'm sure he the one who put her down with Nick to manager her.  Who knows but I doubt there sleeping together.