Fashion Forward w/ Ms_Mobetta #FF

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                                              Fashion Forward

              Kim Rocked that Ostrich Feathered Skirt
Now you know there will be replicas to come.  I'd give it by next summer chicks in the hoods of America gone be walking around with chicken feathers hemmed around there skirt.

                   FASHION FORWARD

                              IN STYLE

   Kim rocked the style of this dress but overdid it on the jewelry. 
Instead of that horrible necklace, Kim should of opted on some beautiful White earrings w/Diamond embelishments specifically hooped.  She'd of killed it then, now she just looks ordinary.

                        FASHION FORWARD

                                    IN HAIR

Black Chyna did that do.  I enjoy a nice framed face and she's killing it with them cheekboons and them dimples.

                       FASHION FORWARD

                          IN HAIR & STYLE


Brandy has taken her game up by notches through the years and I must say she has been killing the game as of lately.  Its not to late to take up High Fashion modeling.   I love that she's built like a young Tina Turner..

                        FASHION FOWARD

                           LOOK OUT FOR

Tika Sumpter is a force to be reckoned with.  I first encountered her on my favorite CW Television show at the time "Gossip Girl" and from there I've followed her career.  I'm happy for how busy she's been and proud she's opening doors for a lot of talented Brown skinned little girls today.



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