Adele Givens to Sue Sheryl Underwood For Queen's of Comedy Story

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One of "The Talk" host Sheryl Underwood under fire lately for the story she shared on #TalkSecrets this past week.  She revealed that her ability and appearance amongst other things where brought to question.  She didn't seem to harbor any ill will she just wanted it to be known that she knew how they felt about her. 

 I think she did it in the most classy and hard punching way a real winner knows how to do it;  That's when your want to be.  Before I was a comic I loved me some Sheryl Underwood, she's is one living legend in Urban comedy that I've followed since I can remember laughing.


I feel she was sincere in her telling of these story, she didn't hold back.  I hope the truth comes out.  If she is lying she's a damn good one.