TI Spent Mother Day With...

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                                                                NOT TINY!!!

The rumor-mill has been in complete overdrive recently that rapper T.I. allegedly dirty dog cheated on his wife Tiny, and even knocked up his jumpoff and moving in with her!
Tiny and TIP have both denied the rumors and have maintained their marriage, many have wondered if the reports were true. Well, now a woman is putting the rapper on full blast via Facebook that he spent Mother’s Day night with her and even cooked her dinner.
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The Shade Room obtained screenshots of what the woman named “Lexyy” who made the accusations…

As you can see, TIP is next to the woman and there is a plate of food in front of them. Does this mean that he was coupled up with her on Mother’s Day? Tiny posted these pics on Mother’s Day night, clearly absent of her husband…

#MobettaThoughts-That's pretty Messed up, but not surprising coming from a man with multiple baby mama's.  Not surprised he knocked up and moved on to the next one, he's good for flipping the script, so much so he get's a check from acting for doing it.  So "Play on Tip, Play on".

Mother’s Day night: