MayWeather & TI Altercation, Over Tiny?!

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Wow is all I have to say, who would of Thunk It.. Mayweather and TI fighting over Tiny.  Now from what I understand Mayweather and Tiny don't even have that type of relationship. 

Word on the street Tiny has been trying to get under TI's skin for a while now, seeing as though he has no problem going on Instagram or any other Social media sites trying to get at Random THOT's and not to long ago rumored that he had knocked up one of these said THOT's and bought another Mansion in Atlanta just to F*ck her in (Word to 2Chains, No pun intended).

They claim it all started when TI saw the above picture and caption and due to the fact that she had been traveling and hanging around and Vegas with Mayweather most of the weekend he didn't take kindly to her Referencing any kind of affection to another man's child much more another man. He got in his feelings tracked down Floyd and the rest well I'll let you check the video out for yourself.  It all took place outside of Fatburger in Vegas.

Word is TI swung on Mayweather and didn't connect and it appears it took a whole army of nyccas to keep him off of TI Ass.  Also in a Video Clip Listed on the TMZ website you can clearly hear Floyd Tell TI To Check His Woman, which in the end prompted the Melee you see before you now