Michael Vick Cant Catch a Break!?


In the next coming weeks, thousands are gathering together to protect a speaking engagement that headlined Ex-Football Star Michael Vick.  The Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce Evening of Champions is the last thing, the majority of Raleigh feels ts right to have associated with a "Tarnished" Champion.  The February 12th event is still on schedule w/ Michael Still being the Keynote speaker and the City of Raleigh Released a Statement:

"The Chamber stands by its decision to have the former NFL quarterback speak, saying on their Facebook page that they selected Vick “knowing that some would disagree, but our steering committee felt that his career story offers our guests an informative perspective about the excesses of fame and money in celebrity culture.”

So far 66,000 supporters have signed the petition on Change.org calling for Michael Vick to be replaced as there Key Note Speaker for the night.

Now believe that, yes what Michael Vick done in the past was wrong. I'm not saying let him baby sit your Yorkie, or walk your Chihuahua.  Just give the man a break! He's served his time and for you to think you can take away someone else's testimony or blessing. 

Really goes to show you don't know the power of  "Forgiveness" and allowing him to move on with his life without throwing every mistake he's ever made in his face. 

Who gives anyone the right to do that to an individual.  If he was just a man off the street you wouldn't known what he had done, outside his immediate circle; What friend or family member goes around telling people your business like that, or they shouldn't .  Lets get in the kool-aid of some of these people signing the petition and see how people take too some of the mistakes they've made in life.