Georgia Snow Storm. Fake Not Actually Snow itself?!

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What is going on in the World? When you can't even melt snow anymore, that's why I don't fool around outside like that. 
You don't even know what the rain is composed of anymore.  I feel as though there testing out our response time in the face of tragedy.

The fact there's multiple video's reporting on this shenanigan they pulled.  I'm sure the truth is bound to come out sooner or later what stunt they were trying to pull. 

They put multiple people lives in danger and this climate agenda there pushing is getting quite annoying especially with all the mess this fake ass snow caused.

I plan on the next time it snows in Dallas,TX to try the same thing.  I dare you to do take the time out to test the snow in your local city and report back to me on here so we can spread the word.