Apollo & Phaedra are Separated?!

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Apollo And Phaedra Live Separately Before Fraud Trial

When Apollo Nida was arrested for fraud and identity theft last month, he insisted that his marriage had been unaffected by his legal issues, and that he and his wife, Phaedra Parks, would “never” split up.
Via RadarOnline reports:
But RadarOnline.com has learned that the Real Housewives of Atlanta couple have actually been living separate lives for weeks — and haven’t been photographed together since last November!
Instead of standing by her man’s side as he prepares for the next round of his trial in March, Parks has chosen to launch a book tour for her advice guide Secrets of a Southern Belle – even though it was released more than three months ago.
Nida was arrested on January 24. Soon after, she announced a book signing at Atlanta City Hall for one week later on January 31 (that had to be pushed back after the Georgia ice storm). On February 7, she signed in Atlanta, before heading off on a tour that took her to New Orleans (February 14); Harvey, Louisiana (February 15); Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi (February 16); Alexandria, Louisiana (February 17); Shreveport (February 18, 19); Ridgeland, Mississippi (February 20); Jackson, Alabama (February 21); and Birmingham, Alabama (February 22). She’ll head north to North Carolina on February 26.
Meanwhile, her husband Nida made a trip of his own to South Carolina, where he was spotted partying with other women at a local nightclub on Valentine’s Day.
He recently confirmed on his twitter that otherwise, despite his wife’s busy schedule, he’s been staying mainly in Atlanta. Indeed, as Radar has reported, the terms of Nida’s bail require that he clear any out-of-state trips with the courts, and travel with a court-appointed supervisor.
All told, the couple haven’t been photographed together in public since November 22. The last time Parks posted a pic of him on her Twitter account was before that, on October 26, when she retweeted an even older photo from a fan. Nida hasn’t posted a pic of his wife since March.
This new distance comes on top of reports from last spring, when an anonymous source claimed to have spent the night with Nida at an Atlanta Holiday Inn in March, and presented a room receipt that allegedly showed he had paid to host their tryst.
Hasn’t she been mad at Apollo ever since Kenya said he propositioned her for sex when they were in LA? Even though she finally forgave him on the show these things add up. Plus she’s probably trying to distance herself from the case so her law license doesn’t get revoked….