"It Can Be a Better World" - #RitualSacrifice #GodSaveUsAll

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The picture I chose wasn't meant in jest, its the best one I thought too put on here not to engrave some type of symbolic mysterious satanic imagery in your head or mines.  It was between this and thousands of pentagrams; I'm not down with intentionally looking at those images to long unless its in disgust.  It's like ooh that's a nice "Pentagram" I should use that one. No!  So as I proceed.

So, I was browsing youtube about an hour ago and came across this documentary that focused in on at first the basis of scientology and how they came up with this crazy religion then they tied it into the different aspects of gov't here and beyond, around the world.  Starting in Europe and making its way around the globe towards the middle of America in our own "Nations" Capital D.C. 

It plagues you the thoughts in your mind of seeing "Missing Children" on signs reading when they were last seen can be "Heartbreaking".  But too think your own gov't had something to do with it is very disturbing".  Now this wasn't necessarily the basis of the movie just the part that disturbed me the most.

 I have yet to mention the admitted & well documented "False Flags" across the World including here and Mexico; I know there not apart of the states but we still shipped guns there to known Cartel Drug Members in "Fast & Furious. I'm not talking the movie which in which now deceased actor "Paul Walker starred in. (Google Obama/Eric Holder Fast & Furious see how Many articles and news you get. ) Most recently, "5 People Shot Dead W/Guns Illegally Shipped from Obama & AG Holder". "Iran Contra", "Wiki:The Gulf of Tonkin" you can check those out your self just click on the name of each one". 

But check out this documentary and open your eyes to what our world is come to.  If we aren't in out last days then you comment and tell me what you'd like to call this. Pray to God that he protect us in the name of Jesus Amen.

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"Call Boys Took Midnight Tour of WhiteHouse"
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