Nat' Geographic "How to Survive The end of the World- Zombie Attack"

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  This was an intriguing show..Chek it out on NatGeo

 (Link to Full Video-How To Survive The End of the World)
I'm all for getting a message across/  But subliminal messages are a pet peeve of mine.  A lot people in my mind wouldn't of caught this but when there zooming in on every ones faces  through 21:11-21:19 (MM:SS) on 21:16 Obama's eyes and nostrils come up right as she was in the middle of what is stated below.

"Rabies is a difficult virus to detect." "Before it reaches the brain there are no symptom's, you feel perfectly normal." "During that phase if the virus was able to be transmitted person to person, then you could potentially be transmitting this virus to people; Without even knowing you had the virus."

I just find it odd.  I mean describing a possible scenario of a spread of rabies or any virus in discussing the end of the world.  Too see a man's face everyone already has a problem trusting.  Makes my mind wonder.  I'm thinking this can either be a well placed innuendo.  Or an ill mannered admission of what's to come.  I cant say for sure.  There pretty detailed in the scenario and we've faced enough false flags recently for it to make you wander. I'd watch it just so you can be on the look out for what there implying.

 I'm some what of a prepper.  Not full fledged but like I have an underground bunker.  But just smart enough to know to keep at least a 2 month supply of dry and canned foods.  I work out my house ; So it wouldn't be anything for me to have to grind it out in the house for a month or two.

The number one thing I wouldn't do is order take out food.  Especially during a rabies epidemic.
I wouldn't open the door for anybody.  Cause why are you knocking at my door? Company! I aint invite you over not during no Rabies Epidemic I aint!  People wont accept cash any more.  Because it'll be safer to use electronic.
 Which as messed up as that sounds, the image of sliding a credit card down a strippers ass doesn't sound so far fetched any more.  Cause who'll going to go out they way to touch money.  Hell they'd be lucky if they didn't lose business because of a Rabies Epidemic.