Beyonce "Yonce" Video

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Dare I say wow! But just add that to the list of risqué moves Beyawnce has been making as of late with the release of her un-anticipated album released on December 13th of this year;  Some say as a snub to Taylor Swift because it just so happened to be her birthday.  Which from what I hear is the reason Target stores wont carry B's Cd. 

Target has a major deal with Taylor going on with her Album and they value there relationship with her more then Beyoncé.  That's for sure.  I mean check who's twitter has more followers.. Then report back with your comments on the matter.  Any who check out this video full of seductive cue's and signals that Beyawnce is an undercover lesbian.. Well its no secret anymore..


Beyonce - Yoncé from Ricky Saiz on Vimeo.