Beyonce "XO" Video W/Strange Subliminal Pic

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Okay I've been reviewing and posting Beyoncé new videos all week.  I just so happened upon a snippet in her video that I'd like to point out to you guys.  I demand as a American Citizen for her to explain wtf this is all about.  Have you heard of Subliminal Messages.  There put there to capture signals and thought processes in your brain;  Too trigger a emotional or an Physical response later.  Especially with the influence of the words song .  Now add visual imagery, the minds never intentionally or potentially explored then you've landed in the world of "The blind leading the blind, where the man with one eye is king".

Strange Picture in Middle of Beyonce’s VEVO Video of “XO” WTF is This!!?

If someone anyone preferably anybody who isnt a stan..  Because I can only fathom the ridiculous reasons you would come up with to explain this apparently “Luciferian” and “Satanic” Picture. 

I barely caught it within a glimpse of my eye.  You can check this out yourself you can clearly see the mark I stopped at in the video.. Oddly enough just now I recognized its actual coordinates in the video is  at mark 3:06.  How oblivious is that.. Like come on.  If Beyonce is Satans whore I don’t know Elton John is Gay…

Right before this picture flashes a girl with a "Toy Gun" (They were at Coney Island) of som sort squints with one closed and one open.  Then next frame this unexplainable out of the ordinary direction of the video pic flashes up.  This isnt't just any account this is her VEVO! Video is below.. Watch with caution..No telling what type of voodoo hoodoo this b*&*^ trying to put on you!