@Beyonce Get'n her @KimKardashian on in "Drunk in Love" Video

Beyoncé channeled her inner Kim Kardashian not only for the video but in the lyrics as well
quote from an upset reader @Sandrarose.com :

I just read some of these Beyonce lyrics:

In one of the songs ["Partition"] the star croons: “He Monica Lewinskyed all over my gown” while in another song ["Drunk In Love"] featuring her husband Jay-Z she sings: “Oh he so horny, he want to f*ck. He bucked all my buttons, he ripped my blouse,”

So one can go to say this was a jab to any one who ever doubted the way her and Jay get down in the bedroom.  I hear in one song she actually admits to squirting.  Which hey Im not made at ya soul sista.  So alright to that... From what I understand, yawl go all night. So high five sista.  I wander if Kim can relate we should ask.. Hmmm (shade or no shade?) #IJS