Beyonce Ft Drake "Your Mines" Video

I don't know too much of what the symbolism of this picture is.  They never actually share a scene together to reflect any type of "oneness".  There more reflect feeling the same feeling but about someone else and not each other.  Which is fitting with were they are in there lives and that's not involved seriously with each other.. (Click  to read more and see video)

That's clearly not with each other.  We all know Drake is one of Rihanna boo's.  So you know sooner or later Beyoncé was going to do a song with him. He paid homage to her in song with a song titled "Beyoncé; Let's face it "B" is vain as F***#.  Like come on I didn't add the "Acute Accent" over the "e" in her name my spell check on my computer did it involuntarily.  But failed to correct the word assimilate which I assumed it was before I looked up the actual meaning and found Acute Accent. Just saying what ghetto girl name you know corrects itself except hers.  Just saying Lakeisha is so coming up underlined on my screen right now. 

By the ways Im neither Beyince's or Drakes..
mine by whatsupbeyonce