Mobetta Monologues: God's Property

We as "Christians" have allowed the devil & his minions take some of our
minds off the greater cause & effects of this world.  The message some
of us lost was that of mass prayer amongst each other.

 I remember the days we prayed in schools, made to say the pledge of allegiance.
Sing "I'm proud to be an American" made to get under the desk drill for
tornadoes then later in a smarter time the bathroom.

 Guess they learned there lesson some where. I'm just saying! Teachers would be
like did you see what happened to them poor kids in that school &
there teacher who hid under there desk...some of them got smart & built
shelters others just chose to stick us in the bathroom, or the stair

Me myself I'd rather be in a broom closet. Cause you never see a
messed up broom closet & the janitor never dies. Don't care where your
at. Lol. Im just saying I remember why I'm so proud.

God had a place in schools back then because he had a place in all of us. There's
mornings I still wake up & sing,

"I'm proud to be an American, where
at least I know I'm free!
 And I wont forget the men who died & gave up
there life for me!"
So I proudly stand up next to you & defend this
world today cause there aint no doubt I love this land.
God Bless the USA!

 I loved singing that song every morning up until the 4th
grade.  So this about 94' when they were deciding on whether to take
prayer out of school. I remember some kids still stood firm, we had
created days of our own "Flag pole day" where you had the option to
hold hands & pray early in the morning".

Nothing like single out
 Christian kids but it took "Faith in God" at young age to
recognize the change then after & the evolution of the effects it was
having on our youth at the time.

See being a Christian essentially in
the "South"  is what brought black & white people together enough to
get over integrating the schools & several other areas". We all
decided we'd come together under one nation indivisible by God.

It saddens me that we've allowed so many people  to say they take offense
of that & change a lot of our laws based off the principle they were
built on. That's disturbing, no one goes to Amsterdam or Holland and
goes stop smoking weed & having sex I'm offended!

If they do there liable to get laughed off.. I'm just saying.

Today's November 9th 2013 so no better day like the present.  I encourage you to pray now but especially at 9pm  pray for Peace and Guidance in a world where most fear is at the end of it's days.  Pray that we can once be indivisible under God. 

Lord I'm not perfect the one thing I know that saves me by your grace is knowing you are my Saviour.  I pray that we can get back to Unity and Community Service, not as a term or a condition for your release from jail.  But as a responsibility of all without question, just a duty of the mind like waking up and yawning in the morning. In Jesus name I pray Amen..