Man Switched at Birth Gets Paid

Man Switched At Birth Gets Paid After Living In Poverty

( 4UMF NEWS ) Man Switched At Birth Gets Paid After Living In Poverty:
Japanese man born into a wealthy family was accidentally swapped at birth and ended up living a life of absolute poverty.
The now-60-year-old — who should have enjoyed a lavish lifestyle just like his three true biological brothers — instead suffered intense hardship and became an unmarried truck driver.

He only realized the decades-old mistake last year when his biological family‘s three younger siblings had DNA tests done on their older brother because he looked nothing like them.
They then checked out hospital records and identified the 60-year-old as being their real relative.
A Tokyo district court this week ordered the hospital where the man was born to pay him more than $300,000 in damages for its 1953 error.

Bosses confessed he’d been switched with another baby boy born just 13 minutes later.
Despite now building a bond with his biological family, the man said he still wished he could “roll back the clock.”
“I might have had a different life. I want (the hospital) to roll back the clock to the day I was born,” according to the Tokyo Times.

That's messed up when I read the "Headline" I was thinking to myself  "Oh he's some young guy who just found out".  Who's biological family was so attached to the one they raised they didn't want anything to do with hm so he sued them and or the hospital.  But it was actually his biological family who went in search of him.
#GinoriSays "He cant get mad,  I mean all of them look alike when they born with them slanted eyes".