Lady Gaga 1st Artist to Perform in Space!?


So Lady Gaga is scheduled to be the first artist to perform in Outer Space.  Blasting off in a Virgin Galactic spacecraft. (Virgin Mobile)  I don't like Lady Gaga like that but I am curious as to how they plan on executing all this.  Supposedly she already has a suit and she has set time aside to take a month of training  for completing the feat. Once properly trained in the art of singing in outerspace  Lady Gaga will close out the New Mexico's Zero G Colony hi-tech music festival in 2015, with a show that's broadcast from outer space.
I say why not do it? She already acts like an Alien and like she's out of this world.  For all we know this is just  a ploy to get her back to her home planet without appearing to do so.  I'm just saying did you look at the picture above? Just saying..