Kanye Goes On Rant @Concert in NYC

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I'm starting to understand what he means by new slaves.  Kanye West dreams have been halted one too many times already.  They've stopped him from expanding his brand more than once and in this rant he calls out more then a few.  From Nike deal that went sour, to his fashion line and even Disney of all places. 
He actually admitted to having a google executive in the audience and towards the end there he goes into a plea of asking them to please consider him in so many words. (Sum it up)  It almost makes you wander what these board meetings with him and Jay-Z be like, its been a while since you've seen them in the same room together;  Jay & B played it nice when North was born and actually came and visited just to show face. 

I feel as though Kanye's radical transformation with his confederate shirts, bags, key chains etc. and New Slave attitude is pointing to the reality he's feeling held back by the Masters of the Plantation (Life) he living in.  He feels as though reaching out to his core audience will allow him to gather enough support to further his cause.  Note towards the end before he exits the stage he say "Don't ever let them tell you I'm crazy". 

Mind you when a celebrity eludes too those words there informing you they may be set up in the near future.  Think of every celebrity too date Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Amy Whitehouse.  Kanye is breaking out and he doesn't care who he pisses off.  He's creating a trail to the underground railroad, follow if you dare.  I just may go check him out in Dallas..