Beyonce "Queen B" Jealous of Kim Kardashian #SayItAintSo

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First off I know you read the title and automatically think "Ooooh What's the tea?" Like what Beyoncé done said but it's more in what she doesn't say.  Let's face it Beyoncé Stan's she's a great performer but outside of  that the image we hold of her is one of the past.  She's so sheltered we only know what she tells us now and what may occasionally fall out the closet; Kim Kardashian on the other hand capitalized the hell out of being so much of an open book she can't scratch her a** in public with out it becoming headline news. It's like "Kim K Caught Scratching". 


Beyoncé is a beautiful human being who wishes she could have simple life.  So much of what she's known as a child has changed, growing up with both your parent's just to have them split up when you get older because your dad's a "Cheating Scumbag", no one wants to face that hurt or reality not just on behalf of , but also with there own mother and sister. 

I grew up with Destiny's Child and "Writings on The Wall", hand's down favorite album of all time before B-Day.  The one song that stood out on that CD to me was "Daddy".  Because it made me think of the relationship I had with my "Father" and still do.  Not saying that those words could never be more true now, then it was then.

 I'm just certain as a human being that this had to be hard to swallow.  Probably still til this day.  I feel as though we'll never get to know her; It has a lot to do with what she chooses as far as not divulging to much of herself, but while she does that it leave's the flood gate open for all types of speculation.  Or maybe that's just the appeal of Beyoncé maybe that's the reason my computer puts that's lil squiggly line above the "E" in her name.  I cant spell Kardashian without my spell check light going on so may Kim K should be Jealous of Beyoncé...

I often get the vibe that she comes off as though if she feels as though "What if God hadn't given me this talent, what would I be doing?"  I know your thinking well how do you figure that, well again I refer to the video (above) she didn't say it in those exact words but questioning that would imply the thought crossed her mind.  As it does for all of us.  We all questioned at one point in time of our lives "What if I had made another decision?" or "Went another direction in life?" all of this becomes perpetual.  I use the story of explain the dilemma by saying "We both may not like dogs, but have two distinct reasons as to why". Yours could be because "One bit me", and mines "I'm allergic to them". 

I only think Beyoncé's Jealous of Kim Kardashian because she can get away with just completely being  herself.  Saying things then apologizing about it later.  Everything Beyoncé say's is scripted to the point where you got to ask your self has Beyoncé ever apologized to anyone outside of a cancelled show.  When you can live your life as a well known celebrity and live life without having to Apologize to anybody for anything you Upper Echelon.  Although Kim started out a Harlot and successfully continued that venture by delving into "Reality Television" she's allowed people to see her be a whole range of emotions and things. 

Which allowed you to see that her family is like any other.

 Beyoncé family is quite odd and unknown although you know them.  Like the fact that her mother's divorce and father's pending love child was such a crazy spin no one believed it when first heard.  Generally you hear rumors leading up to the truth but this came out of no where.  Like wow, did that just happened?!  Beyoncé didn't take it and spin it, I'd of been of E! News crying my heart out .  You'll more then likely never hear Beyoncé speaking on that subject, not that deeply/  

Let's keep it real white folks lost they mind when Beyoncé showed her short look.  Black folks just took it as "Oh she letting her hair breath, from being up under them wigs & weaves." She through them Caucasian's for a loop weeks later with longer locks.  Kim K has frequent hair color changes and occasionally wears wigs for shoots, but mainly rocks her own hair.  You know what I want from Beyoncé as a Fan, I'd like for her to just be her.. That Documentary felt to scripted.  I just want Beyoncé to bust out Tootsie Rolling or Crypt walking do something silly in front of news cameras. 

Kim Kardashian actually looked pregnant.  Now Beyoncé gone have to spread like butter to prove point. That and Kim is more Bootylicious then Beyoncé.  I see why she doesn't want to stand next to her in pictures.. Im just saying