Woman Accidentally Shot Hugging Boyfriend

                                   Yellow tapeWoman Accidentally Shot While Hugging Boyfriend:
A Phoenix woman was accidentally shot dead after a gun wedged in her boyfriend’s pants went off as they hugged, police said.

Amanda Mosely, 24, was reportedly cozying up to her unidentified 18-year-old lover on Tuesday morning when the weapon discharged.

Cops believe she’d told him the gun was making her feel uncomfortable and that, as he took the firearm out, it went off. Mosley was rushed to hospital, but later died.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson told KPHO.com that the shooting appeared to be an accident, but the investigation is ongoing. Police have so far not filed any charges against the distraught boyfriend and Maricopa County Attorney’s Office is reviewing the incident.

Ok question, why in the world would you have a gun wedged between your pants visiting your woman and trying to hug up on you with your gun tucked in your pants.

 That would of had me feeling uncomfortable to.  I've had a boyfriend who'd carried his gun with him but would place it some where secure like under the car seat or glove compartment.

 Never tucked in his pants another tragic ending to this story but rightfully so would of been if the gun went off in his pants and shot his dick off.. Just saying!