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Looking at them before (Pic Above) I didn't think they could pull it off, but they actually all did a pretty Phenomenal job, Lil Mama the best out of all them; I'm not just saying that because she played Left Eye, but because she played the $^#% out of  Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez I almost thought they resurrected her again for a second.  I kept having to remind myself that it wasn't her

KeKe Palmer did her thing as Rozanda "Chilli Thomas" it was good to see her in her first break out role as adult actress.  Playing such a familiar well known character (person) was a great start for her. 

I had my doubts when I first heard of who all was casted.   I changed my tune after watching the movie I can really tell that she had put her all in to it and I honestly cant think of who could of been better casted for "Chilli" other then KeKe Palmer.

I think what had me hung up at first was letting go of the fact she wasn't a child any more.  Standing before me was no longer Akeelah from "Akeelah & the Bee" or  Lil Girl from "Barbershop", but  a beautiful young woman playing a woman I think very fondly of Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas whose music I grew up on and evolved with.

At first I was thinking she wouldn't be able to do and not because I didn't think she was a great actress.  It's just I hadn't had the time to acclimate myself to her character outside of T-Boz and I've heard of her and seen her as herself in "The Game".
But I have to admit I fell in love with Drew Sidora in her playing T-Boz because it allowed me to see her really take ownership in her craft.  She really drew me in her portrayal of T-Boz I really do want to know more about her. 
You know what she looked more and more like T-Boz throughout the movie to me especially towards the middle.  When they came out and said they were broke.  So Yea I'll be looking for more from all these ladies but especially Drew..#Kisses

I have to give props to the magnificent portrayal that Lil Mama Did again.  There were literally parts of the movie especially when she was in Honduras when I had to go "Did they take actual footage of Lisa, from the actual tapes".  "From God's lips to your ears", Lil Mama is a force to be reckoned with and we have yet to see the "precipice" of her potential. 

All I can say is I'm looking forward to the next project she has up her sleeve.  I pray she continues on this path with her acting career, I think she'd make an amazing actress if this is what she wishes to continue to do. 

Not to say her singing/rapping career couldn't flourish but honestly its too much going on in the music game right now for anybody to give her the respect she commands.  Too many haters and salty players.  So I wish you the best of luck and love Ma! @Ms_Mobetta "One of your Biggest Fans".

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