Man Killed After Shoot out W/State Trooper

Man Killed After He Opened Fire On State Trooper

 Man Killed After He Opened Fire On State Trooper:
Dramatic footage from the dash cam of an Oregon state trooper shows the moment a fatigues-clad man unholstered a pistol and opened fire on the officer, who managed to fatally shoot the suspect when the gunfire erupted.
John Van Allen, 34, was driving his three children — a 10-year-old girl and two boys, ages 13 and 15 — when Trooper Matthew Zistel pulled him over for speeding on I-84 in The Dalles, about 90 miles east of Portland, on Aug. 29, The Oregonian reported.
But Allen, a former soldier with the U.S. Army, stepped out of his vehicle and refused to move when the 26-year-old officer told him to get back behind the wheel.
“Sir, please get back in your car for me now,” Zistel pleaded, according to the clip aired on KGW-TV.
Suddenly, Allen pulled out a handgun and started squeezing off several shots at the officer, hitting him in the left side.
Allen continues to fire as he sprints toward the wounded officer and off camera. A few more shots are heard until Allen falls back into the frame and crouches in front of the car.
The shooter darts back into his sedan and peels away, but cops found him slouched behind the wheel and bleeding from a bullet wound to his chest just a half-mile up the road.
Allen died at the scene. Zistel, a five-year veteran officer, was treated for his wound at a hospital, where he was expected to recover.
Tiffany Still Swiff Haines, a friend of Allen’s, told The Oregonian that the father of five had moved to Portland a year ago from his home in Pittsburgh.
She said the man was looking to turn his life around after a bad marriage and a few arrests for driving offenses and fighting.

Damn the world we living in today I tell ya.  I pray for the officer's and this man's family.  May thery all find some kind of peace with the events of what transpired that day.