LHHNY Season 4 Ep 1 (Review & Full Video)

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Ok so now its that time of the year for a whole new Love and Hip Hop New York.  I was so ready to meet some of the new ladies...Get the rest of the tea along with the video after the jump..
So starting off with Tara Wallace (One of Peter Gunz Babymama's), she seemed pretty cool; You know half way decent.  I would say a little na├»ve especially for her to be realizing all this stuff now.  Out of the whole year he's been messing with her. I'm just saying either they made that shit up or she foreal "Dumb as a Heartache"/  Just saying choose which one you gone be mami!

Amina Butterfly is trying me cause either she's the best singer and worst judge of character.  Or the best singer and the worst actress there ever was.  Because how you go around showing tattoos solidifying your union. I'd expected you to whip out a ring, pregnancy test or something.  I'm just saying get yo shit together..

Erica Mena you honestly came off a little more genuine this season.  Now when you started with all this lesbian stuff, I know you made it up.  I'm guessing Rich Dollaz tried to convince you to bring another chick into the room once and you shot him down like "No I don't mess with chicks like that no more".  So you decided since you got caught out there to reel him back in with what was never offered before. And that's you with another chick from what it read like in the upcoming promo's.  Doesn't hurt I'm never wrong on a read.. #IJS

Yandy's my girl but I pray that it doesn't take all season for you to realize you need to let that go for now and if it comes back 10 to 20 years for now and its still good then hold on.  Cause pressing pause on life is similar to doing to an actual movie, cause eventually the other person you paused for you gone start hollering hurry up cause you ready to move on with the movie.  I'm just saying know your limit on pause honey.  I'm happy your son is doing well and how your doing with your new record label.  You go girl!

Tahiry and Joe... They Back. So tired of them they remind me to much of me and my ex and it gets annoying.  All I can say is Im glad it didn't take me 9 years to figure out whether I want to be with him or not.. That's like a lifetime in relationship years you all should of been married and with like 2-3 kids.  I'm just saying and don't think I aint peep Jennifer Williams from Basketball Wives w/dude from your "Devil" video shoot.  The one they stepped up on Joe.  That's the one I'd of gave my time too. Just saying.. Umph Anywhoo

KMichelle well she was just that for 3minutes out of the show.  I suppose since she's fresh off the heels of  LHHATL they wanted her to get a chance too get somewhere and sit down and get settled first.  That's it..

Check the video Below for the full first episode