Kim Post another pic of North West


Kim Kardashian Posts Photo Of North West:
All that talk from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian about keeping baby North West away from prying camera eyes? Never mind. Kim posted a new picture of their daughter on her Instagram page today.
But at least it was their picture and not one by those “scum bags” in the paparazzi, as West habitually refers to them.
The baby is swaddled in a white blanket, posed on a what looks like a furry white throw. She looks cute, as most babies do.
It’s the second picture of baby North, born June 15, that has appeared: In August, the first one, showing the baby peering out from behind a cloth diaper, was posted on the Twitter account of Kris Jenner, Kim’s mother, and later was shown on her daytime talk show Kris.
West said at the time that the first picture was intended to “stop all the noise” of clamor for pictures of the baby.
Why another one now? As Gawker put it, Kardashian gave in “to her natural instinct to share the most treasured, intimate details of her life with the world.”

                   Kim Kardashian Posts Photo Of North West