Kanye Brings Faux #Jesus on Stage! #YeezusTour (Video)

Now I said before I saw the Album Cover, that "J-Hova" & "Yeezus" took it too far w/there names.  Then I saw there album covers (Jay-Z's Below)  I thought to myself If I were to utilize the word Blaspheme both of them would be my two prime examples, of "Blatant disrespect to my & many others Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ".  Roc-A-Fella has soiled the image of Christ and God Multiple times this Album & Tour was just the first time time people collectively started paying attention. 

You can clearly see in Kanye's image on his cover his lifeless body was to reflect that of Jesus.  Which to a common fool, no problem because it's not you he's mocking. 

There's no way he went through a third of what Christ had to endure.  I use to think he was the change young people needed as far as the message he once brought through his music. 

It was when he put out the "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Album, Ye's music became his twisted souls escape from "The word of God".  You could tell he was getting further away from the right path as soon as some of the album art from "MBDTF" (Image Below after break) came out nothing was the same...


"He took the cake", "Jumped the shark" &"Smacked the baby", last night with the stunt he pulled last night at his 1st Tour Location in Seattle, WA.  He decides he was going to bring a Fake jesus out on stage to have a back and forth conversation about much of nothing. 

The one thing I made out Fake jesus saying was that "I didn't come here to make bad people feel good.  But to make dead people feel alive".  Okay so not to resurrect the dead which my "Jesus" can do, but to make dead people feel alive.  Well at least he chose his words carefully.  Then again the Devil always and never does at the same time.  Hence confusion, he wasn't hoping you caught what he was saying more of just go along with it.   

The question is, what are we as humans subscribing or agreeing to when we purchase tickets to a lot of these artist venues.  The moment he brought that faux jesus on stage I'd exit stage left.

Then with all this cussing he was doing in front of a supposed image of a man he'd loved you to believe was Jesus; Why shouldn't he'd expect most of you go along with this Blaspheme he was portraying in front of a live audience of those who purchased the ticket to be at the Church of Satan he popped up over night with all his staging and wardrobe attire.

  Looking like he was in the middle of séance as he was on stage with that Garb and attire he had on.  The only thing that looked fresh on him was his shoes and even them I was a bit weary of cause I'm like are those inflatable with light's on?!

Also, and if so why don't they have it to where you can make them flash different colors or flash and change color's every so often.. Like every 20-30 seconds.

 I'm just saying I'm not even sure what type of shoes are those.  But I do nobody in my hood are sporting those so I know they a couple of thousands.  Just saying I know they wasn't Jay's..

So all this to say that maybe it was a great Idea to cancel his concert in whatever disappointed city he was suppose to go in "Blaspheme" in next.. Boo Hoo, pick up a bible and read.  I'd be caught dead in a Kanye Concert..  Now if it was free and I had back stage passes... Only so I could be able to readily ask afterwards Me:"WTF was that all about Ye?" 
Kim would be like "Stop you cant talk too us like that!"
I'd be like...
Me:(Scrunches eyebrows) "I wasn't even talking to you!"  We all know what's wrong with you now we trying to figure out, WTH! Yawl done did to Ye?! 

Question Up for Topic on Next Post:  "Is It too late for us as Black People to save Lamar"