Crystal S. Jones Orginal Member of TLC Pens Tell-All


HSK Exclusive - She’s the brainchild behind TLC, who we’re told suffered a string of nervous breakdowns … before delving deep into crack/cocaine–after being cut from the very music entity she’s responsible for birthing.
Crystal used to stalk LaFace Records after she got kicked out of TLC… and she tried to commit suicide… and she’s been in and out rehabs and mental institutions.
Our insider reveals Crystal Selene Jones is now drug-free, since kickin’ crack about two-years ago. As reports reveal Crystal Jones is in the midst of penning a tell-all of the real ‘CrazySexyCool’ story, sources say the ousted TLC founder is now “a receptionist working at a office at Atlantic Station in Atlanta.”
Here’s the drop:
“Crystal been working on her tell all book but nobody believes her side of the story, so she can’t find a publisher to publish her book.”

by Jacky Jasper

Ok not to say that this wouldn't be juicy but she's about 20 years too late to be writing a tell all.  Not that I don't believe she has nothing to say, but by being silent then it makes it hard to be relevant now.  Probably why nobody's biting the hook, they didn't believe her.  Possibly people will take her more seriously seeing they actually pointed out what happened in the movie. 

Maybe there is something she can tell us we didn't cover during the Biopic.  Like what was you all's friendship like after, or was that the end of it?

 From what she went through personally it sounds as though as it was.  I wish her nothing but the best of luck in her endeavors and may God Bless her..